Some advantages of the VASS S-Series Electrobar Busway System over conventional hard cabling…

  • Quicker to install
    It takes the same time to install the completed Busway Run as it does to just install cable tray (let alone the rest of the cable pulling supports and termination).
  • Quicker to alter
    Changes or alteration are incredibly easy and inexpensive to make. Altering the layout of the Busway does not render the existing components useless. Due to the modular design of this system the existing components are re-used with only additional parts (if the change requires it) needing to be purchased.
  • Cheaper Main Switchboard 
    Because the Busway is controlled from one main switch at the switchboard, the size and cost of this is greatly reduced as conventional cabling would require multiple circuit protection and cable entry zones.
  • Eliminate Distribution Boards
    The Busway System acts as your complete continuous distribution board and hence eliminates the cost and required floor space required for these.
  • Save Installation Cabling
    Only 1 supply feeder is required thus eliminating multiple runs for distribution board designs consequently making these boards smaller and cheaper.
  • Easy to Relocate machinery
    There is no need to rewire back to the distribution board and go through the inconvenience, time and cost that this involves. The Busway Take off Box is simply un-plugged from the present location and re-inserted to the nearest available Busway Take off point

The design of the Vass S-Series Take-Off-Boxes is fool proof so that suitable competent staff can perform this task, there is no need to wait for the arrival of an electrician for this simple task.

  • Adding new machinery
    Just insert a Take-off-Box into the nearest Busway take off point. Installation is completed within minutes not hours, as is normally the case with more traditional cable installations.
  • Improve Cash Flow
    Because the installation can be easily added too, you can spend little at first with only a few lengths of Busway, then as your need arises or more cash flow becomes available then add to your installation.
  • Financial Asset 
    If ever you move locations the Busway Systems can be removed and re-located to your new premises, unlike cable installations in which money is lost with the installation that is left in place and that needs to be re-spent again once you have moved to a new premises.

If you are a lessor then again the Busway System can be removed and relocated with the same benefits as above.

If a lessee, then the Busway System has the added advantage of being your electrical distribution system that is easily and cheaply capable of being altered to suit all your prospective tenants.

  • Improved Safety
    A significant advantage of a Busway system is the improvement in safety systems, which demonstrates an active step taken to improve safety – a necessary requirement of your OH&S policy and procedure.

An overhead Busway System vastly reduces the amount of leads that would be draped across the floor. These potential electrical hazards for forklifts, trolleys and pedestrians can be greatly reduced due the use of Busway Systems.

With the added advantage of having individual earth leakage protection available on required circuits this gives essential yet affordable personal safety and protection. Being able to protect individual circuits eliminates the potential for nuisance tripping and the inconvenience that this causes.