Higher Education

Higher Education

The problem-solving power solution for higher education

Universities, colleges and other tertiary education organisations can’t operate without safe, flexible and cost-effective electrical power distribution.

The Vass S-Series ELECTROBAR Busway Systems pass all these tests with flying colours. It’s the academic choice over traditional cable systems.

Busway is faster to install and change

  • Your complete Busway Systems run can be installed overhead or underfloor in 30 – 40% less time than a standard cable design.
  • No searching through a myriad of cables. Repairs, upgrades and adding circuits are quick, easy and inexpensive.

It saves you time, money and space

  • Install more equipment and benches per square metre in means greater ROI now and with future upgrades.
  • No distribution boards in the rooms saves floor space and money.
  • If one area requires work, you don’t need to switch off power to the entire room.
  • You can start with a few lengths of Busway and add more as needed.
  • Keep track of electricity use and gauge future power needs with Power and Energy meters.

It’s simple, versatile electrical power

  • Your own staff can add, change and move power source Take-Off-Boxes themselves without affecting anything else in the centre – so you eliminate expensive third party installation charges.
  • Plug-in outlets are available every 150mm, so you can move or add computers anywhere without the need for new power points to be installed.
  • Single and three phase power is available at every Plug-In point along the Busway.

It’s a financial asset

  • If you move, the Busway system can come with you. So you avoid expensive cabling installations at your new premises.

It safer for your staff and students

  • Cutting down cabling use reduces risks and shows you are meeting OH&S requirements.
  • Busway runs protect power against water and mechanical damage often experienced with exposed cables and terminations.
  • Earth leakage is supplied at point of use (Take Of Box) providing unprecedented safety to staff and students.

It’s greener and cleaner

  • Far lower noise emissions, distortion and harmonics than cables
  • More efficient due to better air circulation and less overheating, dust and dirt build up
  • Up to 25% less copper and no PVC or environmentally harmful products used.