Features of the H-Series Busway System

Features of the H-Series Busway System

The unique Vass Electrical H-Series Busway features make it the most simple, economical and versatile power distribution solution for businesses spanning from high rise buildings to power stations, hospitals, mines and more.

Australian designed, manufactured and tested

  • Built at our 12,140 square metre, specialised busway, manufacturing plant
  • Manufactured from the highest grade materials
  • Designed to exhibit excellent electrical and mechanical strength for years of safe operation.
  • Strict control of all facets of design, manufacture and testing.
  • Quality Assurance Standard AS/NZS ISO9001

Exceptionally low impedances and voltage drop

  • Much lower impedance per amp than cabling
  • Help achieve Green Star and NABERS accreditation.
  • Often necessary for long circuit runs where energy and voltage drop criteria are important.
  • Lower conductor per amp means cost savings.

More efficient splice joint

  • Unlike virtually all other Busway Systems Vass does not use a separate joint pack. Our uniguely designed Splice Joint provides half the resistance of these “joint pack” or “monoblock” type systems.
  • The Splice joint from Vass provide a vastly quicker and more reliable to install on sites leading to superior installation.

Compact and versatile system

  • Available in ‘Feeder’ and ‘SureFast Bolt-On’ Take-Off Box versions
  • Ratings from 600 Amperes to 7,000 Amperes AC and 980 Amperes to 12,000 Amperes DC.
  • The IP rating for indoor Electrobar Busways is IP50
  • Feeder for outdoor applications has been tested and certified to IP66.

Choice of conductors

  • Natural or Tin Plated copper or aluminium conductors.
  • DC, 1Ø 2W, 3Ø 3W, 3Ø 4W (100% neutral)
  • 200% Neutral, integral earth and plated conductors.
  • Exterior earthing conductor, Internal or Integral (enclosure) earth systems available

Choice of enclosure

  • Polyester Powder Coated Zinc Coated Seel
  • 316 Stainless steel and aluminium casings are also available.
  • Choice of powder coat Colours available.

Adaptable design

  • Can be fitted to tight 90 degree bends.
  • Special angled bends and special design sections can be created when required
  • Can be designed for almost any difficult installations.
  • Site Measure Availability Program (SMAP) means Busway sections can be left out of the initial production run and added later.
  • Faster, easier, more cost-effective installation than cabling.

Take Off Box “Build-A-Box” capability

  • If our numerous standard Take Off Boxes don’t suit your needs, we can quickly and economically provide a “Build-A-Box” custom Take Off Box for you.

Voltage and current rating

  • Standard voltage rating is 690V.
  • Higher voltages available as needed.
  • Vast current ratings from 800Amp to 7,000Amp AC and 12,100Amp DC

Engineered system

  • Type tested products
  • All characteristics have been verified and electrical properties are certain
  • Not reliant upon installation variations as cabling solutions are.

Safety design

  • Virtually eliminates installation errors and inconsistencies.
  • Impossible to join incorrectly.


  • Less energy wastage
  • Less conductors used
  • Almost all material can be recycled.
  • No halogens or PVC.