H-Series Vass Busways for data centres and mission critical facilities

H-Series Vass Busways for data centres and mission critical facilities

Data Centres and Mission Critical facilities are the heartbeat of modern business and industry.

And like those who rely on you for efficient, reliable, adaptable, secure IT services, you need the same level of excellence from the power distribution system you choose.

Our Australian designed and built Vass H-Series Busway Systems deliver that certainty.

Faster installation, smarter design

  • It’s quick and simple to install H-Series Busway Systems throughout your facility saving time, electrician costs and disruptions.
  • Busways can be installed progressively, unlike cabling which must all be installed at the start, costing you more time and money upfront, and for any changes later.
  • Our H-Series Busways bend and turn at right angles to fit to your data centre and building designs.
  • Where it’s not possible to use standard right angle bends, we can produce special angled bends.

Gain space, cut out delays

  • Occupies far less conductor and physical space than conventional cabling.
  • Short power changeover time means minimal disruption to other loads or tenant operations.

More flexible power distribution

  • Vast current ratings from 800Amp to 7,000Amp AC and 12,100Amp DC
  • Significantly lower voltage drops than cable distribution – especially on long circuit runs.

Far safer for your IT staff

  • Less cabling and more earth leakage protection means installing Vass Busway Systems improve your workplace safety – an OH&S requirement.
  • No exposed cables means Busway runs protect your power against water damage.
  • Very robust materials makes Busways less susceptible to mechanical damage than cable systems.
  • Busway are a type tested system, so its characteristics and electrical properties are confirmed.