H-Series Vass Busways for hospitals

H-Series Vass Busways for hospitals

Hospitals have distinct electrical distribution needs in relation to size, flexibility, emergency power and safety. In addition, medical equipment, such as MRIs and CT scanners can test power supplies.

Vass H-Series Busway Systems are designed to meet the performance, reliability and safety requirements of patient care and saving lives – and save you time and money in the process.

Faster to install, easier to adapt

  • It’s quick and easy to install throughout hospital wards saving you time and electrician costs.
  • A compact and versatile ‘feeder’, ‘bolt-on’ and ‘plug-in’ system.
  • Bend and turn at right angles to fit to your hospital ward and building design.
  • Where standard right angle bends cannot be used, special angled bends can be produced.

Save on space, time and disruptions

  • H-Series Busways take up far less conductor and physical space than conventional cabling.
  • Short power changeover time means minimal disruption to other loads and crucial to patient safety.

Highly reliable power distribution

  • Excellent electrical and mechanical strength for years of safe operation.
  • Take advantage of a vast current ratings from 800Amp to 7,000Amp AC and 12,100Amp DC
  • There are significantly lower voltage drops than with cable distribution – especially on long circuit runs.
  • Being built of very robust materials Busways are less susceptible to mechanical damage than cable systems.
  • Busway are a type tested system, therefore its characteristics and electrical properties are verified.
  • Being an enclosed, low impedance design, our Electrobar H-Series Busway emits extremely low Electromagnetic Radiation – a significant benefit for Electro Magnetic sensitive areas in Hospitals.

It safer for staff and patients

  • Less cabling and more earth leakage protection means installing Vass Busway Systems improve your workplace safety – an OH&S requirement.