Science Labs

Science Labs

Vass Busways excel in Science Lab power tests

Science laboratories in private companies, government departments, universities and other facilities need efficient, adaptable, scalable power to conduct timely, accurate research.

The Vass S-Series ELECTROBAR Busway System is a fast, clean, cost-effective way to distribute power throughout your lab – as, where and when it’s needed.

Set up and change your power faster

  • Your complete Busway Systems run can be installed overhead or underfloor in 30 – 40% less time than a standard cable design.
  • The modular design means no searching through a myriad of cables. Repairs, upgrades and adding circuits are quick, easy and inexpensive.

Save time, money and space

  • Install more equipment and power supplies per square metre for greater ROI now and with future upgrades.
  • No distribution boards means more room in your laboratory devoted to more productive research
  • Power everywhere makes it quick and easy to bring in new equipment for a specific project or share equipment between labs.
  • If one area requires work, you don’t need to switch off power to the entire laboratory.
  • Maintenance and upgrades can be carried out at any time without disruptions.
  • You can start with just a few lengths of Busway then add to your installation as the need arises, or as more cash flow becomes available.
  • Power and Energy meters allow you to keep track of electricity use and gauge future power needs.

It’s simple, versatile electrical power

  • Your own IT staff can add, change and move power source Take-Off-Boxes themselves without affecting anything else in the centre – so you eliminate expensive third party installation charges.
  • Plug-in outlets are available every 150mm, so you can move or add computers, servers and racks anywhere without the need for new power points to be installed.
  • Single and Three Phase Power is available at every Plug-In point along the Busway.

It’s an investment

  • If you relocate your lab, the Busway system can come with you to avoid expensive cabling installations at your new premises.
  • You can reconfigure an entire laboratory for a new or existing tenant with minimal cost, time and effort.

Your lab staff are safer

  • Cutting down cabling use reduces risks and shows you are meeting OH&S requirements.
  • Busway runs protect power against mechanical and water damage that can often be suffered by exposed cables and terminations.

It’s more environmentally-friendly

  • Far lower noise emissions, distortion and harmonics than cables
  • More efficient due to better air circulation and less overheating, dust and dirt build up
  • Up to 25% less copper and no PVC or environmentally harmful products used.