H-Series Busways at Work

H-Series Busways at Work

Discover the powerful benefits of Vass H-Series Busways

Want a more reliable, flexible, economical and safe way to distribute electrical power through large facilities, such as hospitals, mines, power stations, high rise buildings and other heavy current installations?

The Australian-designed and built Vass H-Series Busway System offer significant advantages over conventional cable wiring.

It’s quick and easy to install

  • The unique design makes it quick and easy to install, and make changes, to your Busway Systems, saving you labour costs and disruption to business.
  • Unlike cabling, Busways can be installed progressively as the building contractor completes various areas.

It saves you time, money and space

  • H-Series Busways supply heavy currents via a very small space – so you require less conductor size and physical space than conventional cabling.
  • Short power changeover time means no disruption to other loads or staff productivity.
  • Power and Energy meters allow you to keep track of electricity use and gauge future power needs.

It’s more flexible

  • Our H-Series Busways bend and turn at right angles to fit to your building design – unlike large, cumbersome radiused bends required by conventional cable distribution systems.
  • Where standard right angle bends cannot be used, special angled bends can be produced.
  • Once the general run layout is determined one or more Busway sections can be left out of the initial production run and installed later.
  • Available in polyester powder coated steel, aluminium or 316 Stainless Steel enclosures, as well as IP5X and IP66 versions

It’s reliable, powerful electrical distribution

  • Offers vast current ratings from 800Amp to 7,000Amp AC and 12,100Amp DC
  • There are significantly lower voltage drops than with cable distribution – especially on long circuit runs.

It safer for your workplace

  • Highly robust materials make our Busways less susceptible to mechanical damage than cable systems.
  • Less cabling and more earth leakage protection means installing Vass Busway Systems improve your workplace safety – an OH&S requirement.

The Busway H-Series System at work

Vass -H Busway Systems are beneficial to so many industries. Take a look at how they’re used in: