Our History

Our History

The Busway experts for over 50 years

As a Vass Electrical client, you benefit from the experience, knowledge, products and service of a business that has been designing, developing and manufacturing smarter Busway systems for more than 50 years.

1950 – The spark of an idea

While working in the electrical industry, Nicholas Vass realised the need for a better and safer way to distribute electricity in Australia’s growing manufacturing industry. He set about designing, manufacturing and testing a system that would provide the answer.

This was the beginning of the Vass Electrobar Busway System.

1958 – Vass Electrical Industries opens

Nicholas started the business, focusing solely on the design, development and manufacture of Busway (Busduct) Systems for the Australian market:

  • Starting with our low current rating S-Series Busway Systems (80-700Amp),
  • Later, expanding to our higher capacity H-Series Low Impedance Busway (Busduct) Systems.

Taking Busway Systems to the world

After many years focusing on helping Australian businesses with their electrical distribution Vass expanded into various overseas markets. Today, our Busway installations are found all around the world, including Oceania, Asia, Europe and the Middle East and the US.

Today – Everything under one 12,140sqm roof

We further boosted our efficiency and service by bringing our entire business and Busway Systems design, manufacturing, engineering, testing, sales and administration together in one modern 12,140 sqm facility at Ingleburn, Sydney.

All manufacturing work is done on-site, including conductor processing, sheet-metal processing, welding, plastic moulding, automatic powder coating and Busbar Insulation lines, as well as wire processing and assembly.

These operations are supported by the latest CNC and CAD/CAM machinery and computerised production machinery and techniques.

The future – Even better products, the same approach

Like everywhere in the world, many things have changed at Vass Electrical Industries over the past half century. But some things will always remain the same.

So while our Busway technology and products will change, our service will always be focused on giving you the safest, most-adaptable and cost-efficient electrical distribution available.