Our Expertise​

Our Expertise​

We’re the Busway System experts

There are many advantages in choosing a company that has specialised in designing, manufacturing and supplying Busways Systems for Australian and international clients for more than 50 years.

Enjoy unrivalled expertise, service and products

Since opening our doors in 1958, Vass Electrical Industries has been 100% focused on building power distribution solutions for hundreds of different client needs and specifications.

This vast experience means you’ll benefit from:

  • a Busway System that is simpler, safer, more flexible and more cost-effective than traditional cabling and other busways
  • the invaluable expertise, advice and guidance of the Vass team
  • a partner with strict International Quality Standard AS/NZ/ISO9001 accreditation.

Choose high quality off-the-shelf or made-to-measure products

Your Busway System is designed and manufactured in-house. So you can choose products that are ready to install. Or, have a design, colour or Take-Off Box custom-built to suit your needs at a very cost-effective price.

So you get the best possible solution without wasting precious time, money or resources.

Work with people who understand your business needs

Our expert team have:

  • supplied Busway Systems for hundreds of businesses in dozens of different industries
  • encountered all kinds of client power distribution needs and challenges
  • delivered solutions that have delighted every one of those clients.

With Vass, you’re assured of a Busway partner that comes with the experience, knowledge and products to solve all your power distribution needs – from simplicity and safety to performance and budget.

Our Busway Systems power many industries, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Commercial High Rise buildings
  • Data Centre and Mission Critical facilities
  • Shopping Centres and Retail precincts
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial
  • Schools and Universities and other higher learning institutions
  • Energy Sector, Solar Farms, Wind Turbines, Coal and Nuclear Power Stations
  • Pharmaceutical
  • And many more