H-Series Busways for commercial buildings

H-Series Busways for commercial buildings

With hundreds of commercial tenants and visitors to look after, and energy costs to manage, commercial buildings require a very reliable, safe cost effective power distribution solution.

Vass H-Series Busway Systems offers significant advantages over conventional cable wiring to help you reduce energy costs, increase ROI and boost tenant satisfaction.

Faster installation, better design

  • It’s quick and easy to install H-Series Busway Systems throughout your commercial premises saving you on time, electrician costs and disruption to tenant business.
  • Busways can be installed in a new building progressively as the builder completes various areas. With cabling everything must be completed first, costing you more time and money upfront, and for any potential changes later.
  • Our H-Series Busways bend and turn at right angles to fit to your building design and go around potential obstructions.

Less space, less disruptions

  • H-Series Busways take up far less conductor and physical space than conventional cabling. This means less area required for services and more devoted to leasing.
  • Short power changeover time means minimal disruption to other loads or tenant operations.

Very reliable, powerful electrical distribution

  • Take advantage of a vast current ratings from 800Amp to 7,000Amp AC and 12,100Amp DC
  • There are significantly lower voltage drops than with cable distribution – especially on long circuit runs.

It safer for staff and tenants

  • Less cabling and more earth leakage protection means installing Vass Busway Systems improve your workplace safety – an OH&S requirement.
  • Busway by design reduce handling or installation errors.
  • Busway are a type tested system, so characteristics and electrical properties are verified.