H-Series Vass Busways for your mining operation

H-Series Vass Busways for your mining operation

With so much at stake, mining operations can’t afford to operate without a power distribution system that ensures safety, performance and reliability.

Your people, business and equipment can depend on Australian designed and built Vass H-Series Busway Systems.

Quicker to install, designed to adapt

  • It’s quick and easy to install H-Series Busway Systems throughout your mining operation saving you on time, electrician costs and disruption to mining.
  • Busways can be installed in a new mine progressively, unlike cabling where everything must be completed first, costing you more time and money upfront, and for any potential changes later.
  • Our H-Series Busways bend and turn at right angles to fit to your mine and building designs.
  • Where standard right angle bends cannot be used, special angled bends can be produced.

More space, less delays

  • H-Series Busways take up far less conductor and physical space than conventional cabling.
  • Short power changeover time means minimal disruption to other loads or tenant operations.

More versatile power distribution

  • Take advantage of a vast current ratings from 800Amp to 7,000Amp AC and 12,100Amp DC
  • There are significantly lower voltage drops than with cable distribution – especially on long circuit runs.

Far safer for your miners

  • Less cabling and more earth leakage protection means installing Vass Busway Systems improve your workplace safety – an OH&S requirement.
  • Busway runs protect power against water damage often suffered by exposed cables.
  • Being built of very robust materials Busways are less susceptible to mechanical damage than cable systems.
  • Busway are a type tested system, therefore its characteristics and electrical properties are verified.