Features of the S-Series Busway System

The unique Vass Electrical S-Series Busway features make it the most simple, economical and versatile power distribution solution for businesses spanning from data centres and laboratories to universities, shopping malls, industrial manufacturers and many more.

Choice of degree of protection

  • As standard the Busway has a rating of IP3X. For more arduous conditions this Busway is available in IP54.

Modular design

  • Easy to install and reconfigure modular design
  • Simply bolt sections together to suit your floor layout.
  • Complete installation in the time it takes just to install one cable tray.

Versatile orientation and installations positions

  • The Busway can be installed overhead, Underfloor or even sideways.
  • The Busway can be installed in any convenient location your requirements

Exclusive “plug-in” power Take-Off-Boxes

  • Place anywhere along the Busway top create new power outlets.
  • To alter a layout just unplug a Take-Off-Box and plug into a new position.
  • Take-Off-Box outlets every 150mm.
  • Single and Three phase power available along the entire Busway
  • Now even easier with our innovative new ‘plug-in, plug-out” Busway Automatic Safety Shutters.

Take Off Box “Build-A-Box” capability

  • If our numerous standard Take Off Boxes don’t suit your needs, we can quickly and economically provide a “Build-A-Box” custom Take Off Box for you.

The complete electrical distribution system

  • Single or three-phase power available
  • Eliminates the expense of installing conventional wiring.
  • Eliminates sub-boards or space needed to access them.
  • One supply feeder, means on multiple runs for distribution board
  • Add lights, power points, machinery by plugging in a new Take-Off-Box.
  • Change floor plans and move equipment at no cost.
  • Minimise maintenance costs and downtime.
  • ELCB/RCD protection available at this final power of electrical distribution, thereby eliminating nuisance tripping

Smart power control

  • From one main switchboard, to reduce cost and size. Conventional cabling requires multiple circuit protection and cable entry zones.
  • No other loads affected when changing or upgrading loads.
  • Take-Off-Boxes can be moved quickly and simply without disrupting power to other loads.

Reusable components

  • Save money, time and the environment
  • Efficient use of light-weight raw materials

Power consumption analysis

Vass Take-Off Boxes can be supplied complete with:

  •    current transformers featuring Power and Energy meters
  •    data-capture facilities to collect information at a central monitoring point

Safeguards and OH&S compliance

  • No leads and cables greatly reduces the risk of electrical hazards.
  • Individual earth leakage protection available on required circuits.
  • Significantly minimises nuisance tripping.

Versatile cap and bolt function

  • Extend Busway by simply by undoing a termination cap and bolting on another section,
  • Completely redesign by unbolting, reconfiguring and reassembling sections
  • Take your Vass system with you when you relocate to new premises.

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